Tinder tips for bald guys

August 05
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How can a bald guy use Tinder to get more matches?

1 Answers:

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  • Don't use a picture of you with a hat on. We can see your bald head's outline, which is not attractive.
  • Do use a picture that shows off your personality. A close-up of your smiling face is always a good choice.
  • Don't use a group photo as your main profile picture. It's hard to tell which one is you.
  • Take pictures outdoors in natural light or near a window. You'll look more confident and
    healthy in those photos than in pictures taken indoors or at night.
  • Use flattering angles for selfies like up high or down low, where our features are accentuated nicely by the camera angle.
  • If you have sensitive skin, apply moisturizer before taking a selfie so your skin looks hydrated and smooth instead of dry and scaly! 

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