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October 03
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Which is the cheapest country to visit in Europe?

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Most people think Europe is an expensive place to travel to but there are a lot of places in Europe you can go to without breaking the bank. And aside from it being affordable, you also have to consider if it’s safe if you want to travel alone. This list from Dan’s 10 Cheap and Safe European Countries to Visit will help you choose where to go. This is very useful since it also has information about internet availability, air connections and also the monthly cost of living (if you ever decide to live there). The top 1 on this list is North Macedonia.

If you don’t agree on that list you can also take a look at this article: 11 Cities to Visit in Europe on a Budget. I hope it helps.

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Europe is a great place to travel around, with so much variety, climate differences, and culture to discover. The other great thing is that traveling from one place to another typically takes no more than a few hours as everywhere is pretty close to one another! To nobody's surprise, it is usually more expensive to travel to these places in summer. What makes travel expensive is usually how many tourists are there because tourists are willing to pay and so people put prices up. As long as you're smart about when you book and how you travel, you're guaranteed to save a lot of money.

Meanwhile, Europe offers plenty of destinations for all tastes and interests – from blue coastlines with sandy beaches to winding mountain trails to historical destinations that date back over a thousand years. Unfortunately, many of these destinations – especially in popular countries such as France, Germany, and the Netherlands – will also stretch your budget to the max. Here are 5 of the most affordable countries to visit in Europe. Perfect for travelers looking for culture, history, and natural beauty without spending fortunes.

  • Hungary
  • Portugal
  • Italy
  • Slovenia
  • Bulgaria

Enjoy your trip!

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There are several European countries that are considered to be relatively affordable for travelers. The cost of travel can vary depending on factors such as the time of year, exchange rate, and personal spending habits. However, some countries that are generally considered to be budget-friendly options for travelers include:

Bulgaria - Bulgaria is known for its low prices on accommodation, food, and transportation. Visitors can find budget-friendly hotels, hostels, and apartments, and enjoy delicious local cuisine at very reasonable prices.

Romania - Romania offers great value for money as it has a low cost of living. You can find budget-friendly accommodation options and delicious local food at low prices.

Hungary - Hungary is a relatively affordable country to visit, with low prices on accommodation, food, and transportation. Visitors can enjoy delicious local cuisine, such as goulash, and explore the country's rich cultural heritage at a reasonable cost.

Poland - Poland is another budget-friendly option for travelers. The cost of accommodation, food, and transportation is relatively low compared to other European countries.

Greece - Greece can be a budget-friendly destination if you're looking to save money on accommodation. There are options like camping, hostels, and guesthouses, and you can find cheap food options such as street food and taverns with traditional Greek dishes.

France - France is known for its world-renowned art, architecture, and cuisine. Visitors can explore famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, and the Palace of Versailles, as well as enjoy the picturesque countryside and charming villages.

Italy - Italy is famous for its art, architecture, and food. Visitors can explore iconic landmarks such as the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Vatican City, as well as enjoy the beautiful coastal towns and countryside.

Keep in mind that prices can vary depending on where you go within the country, and it's always a good idea to compare prices and do some research before planning your trip.


Bulgaria is one of the most cheapest & beautiful country to visit in Europe with many Tourist Places

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The cost of travel can vary greatly depending on the country and the specific cities you visit within Europe. However, here are some countries that are generally considered to be relatively affordable for travelers:

Bulgaria: Bulgaria is one of the cheapest countries in Europe to visit. The cost of accommodation, food, and transport is very low, and there are many beautiful places to explore, including historic cities, charming villages, and stunning nature.

Hungary: Hungary is another affordable destination in Europe. The capital city of Budapest is known for its beautiful architecture, vibrant nightlife, and thermal baths, and it's possible to enjoy all of these things without breaking the bank.

Poland: Poland is a country with a rich history and culture, and it's also a great destination for budget travelers. The cities of Krakow and Warsaw are particularly popular with tourists, and they offer a wide range of affordable accommodation and dining options.

Romania: Romania is a beautiful country with stunning landscapes, historic cities, and delicious food. The cost of travel is low, and there are many hidden gems to discover.

Czech Republic: While some areas of the Czech Republic can be more expensive, there are still many affordable destinations to visit, such as the historic city of Prague or the picturesque town of Cesky Krumlov.

It's important to keep in mind that the cost of travel can vary greatly depending on your travel style, preferences, and itinerary. However, these countries are generally considered to be some of the most affordable destinations in Europe.

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