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September 12
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I need a beginners routine for overall upper body. Looking to alternate between upper and lower body routines. Any suggestions? Would like to use weights, Im already in shape from cardio but wanting to incorporate lifting

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If you are just a beginner on lifting weights or doing upper body workouts, the first thing you have to make sure of is the proper form. Lifting with improper form can lead to injuries. To make sure you are doing it right, watch these videos:





Another thing to take note of other than the right form, techniques and exercise is how many times you can do these workouts. It is wise to not do it every day because muscles need rest and recovery time. You should keep it 2-3 times per week for the best result.

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The upper/lower split is among the most popular ways to organize your training. The idea behind it is elementary: You split your training into upper body exercise days and lower body exercise days. The most common way is to spread your weekly training volume across four workouts – two uppers, and two lower. 

Also, people tend to have multiple variations of an Upper or a Lower routine, so that they can perform different exercises and workout muscle groups in different intensities depending on the workout. These schedules will work fine: 

Monday – Upper
Tuesday – Lower
Wednesday – Off
Thursday – Upper
Friday – Lower
Saturday & Sunday – Off

Moreover, most workouts you find anywhere are going to have the same exercises with similar rep schemes for the most part. It’s because these exercises train important movement patterns. They’re also compound exercises that hit multiple muscle groups in natural ranges of motion. Naturally, this makes them safer to perform and will lead to a better caloric burn during each individual training session. I hope this routine works for you as well as the videos therein.


So it seems to me a lot of cardio has been done.Now the real thing about upper body strength is you need to work on chest I will suggest you to do inclined bench as it will also focus on front part of shoulder muscle and finally back go heavy but safe on dead lifts this is the one exercise that will work on your whole body.Now the thing is how your workout should look

Monday:legs(squats, bulgarian squats, single leg squats and liitle bit machine work 

Tuesday:calves go easy on this one almost like a rest day as you have a good cardio but don't stay at home

Wednesday:back must train every part of brain and also do compound lifts like dead lift

Thursday:shoulders (military press is necessary) 

Friday:chest and triceps 

Saturday:bicepes try to go a little heavy

Most important train like a wrestler that's the real physique and six pack abs 

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