Weekly meal prep ideas

August 05
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How do I begin weekly meal preparation?

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Take these steps to begin your weekly meal preparation:

  • Choose a meal planning style that works for you
  • Get the much-needed cooking equipment and high-quality food containers 
  • Make your grocery list and decide on a particular day to go shopping
  • Evaluate your week, and prepare the meals accordingly
  • Stick to your plan every week, but remain flexible 

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Here is how you can go about your weekly meal preparation:

  • Choose the ideal preparation method for you
  • Make a weekly preparation plan
  • Take stock and shop
  • Prepare and store ahead of the week
  • Sit back and enjoy your meals all week

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Weekly meal preparation, also known as meal prepping, can be a great way to save time and ensure you're eating healthy, balanced meals throughout the week. Here's how to get started:

Plan your meals: Take some time to plan out your meals for the week. This can include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Choose recipes that are easy to prepare in advance and can be stored in the fridge or freezer.

Make a grocery list: Once you've planned out your meals, make a list of the ingredients you'll need. This will help you stay organized and ensure you have everything you need when it's time to start cooking.

Choose a day to meal prep: Pick a day that works best for you to prepare your meals for the week. Many people find that Sunday works well, but you can choose any day that fits your schedule.

Set aside time for meal prep: Block off a few hours on your chosen day to dedicate to meal prep. This may include grocery shopping, cooking, and storing your meals.

Cook in batches: Choose recipes that can be cooked in large batches, such as soups, stews, or casseroles. 

Invest in containers: Invest in some containers that are microwave and freezer safe. This will make it easy to store and reheat your meals throughout the week.

Start small: If you're new to meal prep, start small by preparing just a few meals for the week. As you get more comfortable with the process, you can increase the number of meals you prepare.

Remember, the key to successful meal prep is planning and organization. Take the time to plan out your meals, set aside dedicated time for meal prep, and invest in the right tools and containers. With a little practice, weekly meal preparation can become a convenient and healthy habit.

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