What are the top ten universities for I/O psychology?

September 14
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I want to study I/O Psychology (Industrial Organizational) for my masters program but can't find sufficient information on good schools that offer this specific degree. Any help?

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The top choice for a high-value master’s in industrial/organizational psychology is offered at Salem State University. Salem offers the only I/O psychology program in the Boston area. The curriculum follows SIOP guidelines and places a strong emphasis on quantitative research. Courses come from both science and business with additional course offerings in HR and organizational development. All students complete a 300-clock hour internship that gives students practical experience in areas like personnel testing and corporate performance. Full-time students can complete their degree in about two years while part-time students typically finish in three to four years.

I think it will be very ideal to follow this ranking based on students' perceptions. Using student perceptions in graduate rankings can be particularly valuable for both the prospective students and the graduate programs that serve them. In terms of the prospective students, as mentioned, information gathering about programs prior to making a significant life commitment is natural, yet limited comparative information is available that reflects the student experience in programs.

Note that, an industrial-organizational psychology master's degree is a major investment of time and money. Factors to consider when selecting schools include the program's quality and curriculum, admissions requirements, cost and financial aid, structure and schedule (especially if you plan to work while studying), and student-to-faculty ratio.

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The number 1 University for Industrial/Organization Psychology is Salem State University in Massachusetts. Their student to faculty ratio is 14:1. Their Average Graduate Tuition Rate are $2,520/yr (in-state) and $4,140/yr (out-of-state). The 2nd on the list but have a little of higher tuition rate is University of Nebraska in Omaha. It’s a two year MS Program with 36 credit hour program for students. The 3rd one is California Baptist University in Riverside California. Their tuition is more expensive than the 2 Universities. They provide students with a strong theoretical foundation and practical experiences.

If you want to know more of the other Top 9 Universities for I/O Psychology, you can watch this video. You can also check out this video on How to Find I/O PSYCH Graduate Programs for more helpful tips. Good luck.

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