What Do You Think This Means? (Child Drawing)

October 27
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My 4 year old drew this when he came to my office one day. I have a whiteboard and he really seemed like he had a meaning behind it. lol. Just wondering what you think it looks like?? Thanks!😎

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It is nice to know that you are taking interest on your kid’s drawing. Children express their mind and feelings in many ways. Preschool teachers and even therapists make their students/patients draw not only because it’s a fun activity but also because they want to know their mental state. Drawings can tell you physical and emotional experiences a child is going through. Not that you have anything to worry about. Personally, what I see on that big image there, is an angel.

But if you are interested to learn more about your kid’s drawings and if there are meaning behind it, this article is a good read.


Wow it's interesting that a four year old could be able to draw this and he has a very good imagination.

I would say the drawing is showing a bigger fly playing football with an ant.

I may not be correct though.

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