What is it like to be a YouTuber?

August 05
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How does being a youtuber feel?

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It seems like an easy job, right? I’ve watched different YouTubers throughout the years and they all seem to struggle with anxiety or depression at some point in their career. Being in the public eye constantly is a major disruption to your sense of privacy. I think there are aspects of it that can’t be good for your mental health. If you’re still curious check out this video from Youtuber Matt D’Avella.

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Speaking from experience, we are on a round-the-clock schedule. If I’m not filming then I’m spending hours editing. A good amount of time is spent responding to emails and working with brands. Though it’s a lot of work to put together a video if you're running a channel about something you’re genuinely passionate about then it's all worth it. The free PR packages are always a plus too!

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