What is the best gift for a 4 year old boy?

July 28
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I’m looking to spend $100 or less for a 4 year old boy. Do you have any suggestions of something he’d really like? Thanks!

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Kids around that age like expressing their creativity and imagination. Some home-friendly paints, markers, crayons, or a chalk kit would be fun! Block sets like legos or track sets are great for young boys too. Here's an article that lists toys for a 4-year-old that he's sure to love!  

We don't normally think to buy clothes for little boys but I'm sure his parents would love for him to have fresh sets of t-shirts without grass stains! You can never go wrong with themed pajama sets either like these ones

My nephew got really excited about his dinosour-themed pajamas and never wants to take them off! 

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