What is the best way to make friends?

November 26
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I'm very shy but I enjoy others' presence. I just want to make good friends. Any suggestion or advice?

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There isn't such a thing as 'the best way'. However, I can give you some tips:

  • Realize your fear is in your head: while you’re worried about the impression you make, they are worried about the impression they will make. Truth be told, they are just as scared as you are.  The remaining 1% are people who recognize that a relationship is built on way stronger values than specific words or things said/done during just one encounter. Even if there are people who do judge you based on what you do/say, are these people you want to be friends with? I think not.
  • Start small with people you know: lower the difficulty of the task by starting with your circle of friends, i.e. people you are familiar with.
  • Get yourself out there: once you reconnect with your circle of friends, the next step is to meet people you don’t know.
  • Take the first step: once you are out there with people around you, someone has to make the first move. If the other party doesn’t initiate a talk, take the first step to say hello. Get to know each other a little better! Share something about yourself, and then give the other party a chance to share about him/her. Something easy. Once the ice is broken, it’ll be easier to connect.
  • Be open: be open-minded and open your heart, with full faith that they are good people, with good hearts and good intentions.
  • Get to know the person as an individual
  • Be yourself
  • Be there for them
  • Make the effort to stay in touch

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