What makes a good espresso?

August 10
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I'm new to home brewing and as far as I researched, temperature, pressure, and well-powdered grains were the 3 major factors on a good espresso, in your experience which of them has a greater impact on the coffee?

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Personally, I want to believe that pressure makes a good espresso! Any time you make coffee, there are so many factors at play: the water source, temperature, bean freshness, roast profile, the passion of your barista… But if you want true espresso quality, pressure is needed. And most of the time, it’ll be nine bars of it. How does pressure affect Espresso quality?

Meanwhile, the perfect espresso must have Crema, Aroma, Flavors Body, and Aftertaste.

Finally, making great espresso is difficult. It requires at least delicious coffee beans, an excellent brewing recipe, a good, and clean espresso machine, and a grinder. Also, you need to know the best practices on how to actually pull an espresso. Here are the tips about the practices and the routine of how I make a perfect espresso.

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