What should a child know before starting school?

August 05
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What should my child be capable of before starting school?

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How to do basic tasks for themselves, such as going to the restroom, wiping themselves, and being able to snap/button their own pants. Those are things teachers cannot help with, but that can be overlooked before they start school. Other things like knowing how to tie shoes, taking a coat on and off, and opening their own snacks (like Ziplock bags) are helpful too. 

While knowing things like the alphabet and numbers can be helpful academically, being independent with at least some basic tasks will help your child's – and the teacher's – day run more smoothly. 

Here is a list of life skills kids can work on before starting school

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How to treat others and how to interact with others. Academics are important, but they can focus on that more at school. Having a foundation of speaking kindly, listening, sharing nicely, and keeping hands and feet to themselves will help them – and their peers – be able to learn more in the classroom. 

Here is a link about social skills students can focus on before beginning kindergarten and why they are important at a young age.

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