What to bring on a family vacation with the in-laws

August 05
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What should you bring for a family vacation with your in-laws?

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Bring something that you can all enjoy together. A board/card game, something to do outside, a craft project, etc. If you, your partner, and your parents have vastly different interests, at least try to bring something that the two of you can do while the other two do something else.

If kids are involved, bring something them and their grandparents can enjoy together – especially if it can become a keepsake of some kind.

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Just like with any vacation, bring something that you enjoy, and that relaxes you. Remember that even though it is a family vacation, it is still YOUR vacation, too. Take time to yourself. This will help lessen the risk of any drama or tension. 

So, whether it's a yoga mat for the beach, a book, art supplies, etc., bring something that will bring you joy and peace and help you decompress so you can enjoy yourself and your family as much as possible. 

Also, definitely bring your flexibility and sense of humor. Family vacations definitely don't always go as planned, and we're all just along for the ride. 

This article may help with your overall vacation.

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