What to wear in the summer in London

August 04
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I am vacationing to London for two days the begining of september and need to know what to pack for the trip. I want to look stylish (not like a tourist) without having to overpack.

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Londoners don't lie about the rain! You should definitely pack shoes you don't mind getting wet or that will keep your feet dry and comfortable as you explore. The average weather for September in London is about mid-60 to 50 degrees. It's good to create your outfits beforehand so you don't over pack especially for a two-day trip. I'd focus on bringing pieces that are easy to layer in the event you get cold or hot. Azcentral has a great article that details what to pack for London in September. 

If you have an itinerary set you should also think about what you'd be most comfortable wearing while doing those activities. If you're planning on doing a lot of walking then definitely back your best walking shoes. If you'd like to take advantage of instagramable spots a chic coat will give you the perfect look.

I always look to Pinterest for outfit inspiration I'm sure you'll look fab on your trip! Here are some more ideas about what to wear in London in the fall. 

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During this period you expect the temperature to rise however, there are some stylish outfits that give you the smart look you deserve. There is a possibility that it might rain during summer in London so, you need to get prepared. This is a packing list from the Travel Fashion Girl website.

Meanwhile, you don't need to stress yourself about what to wear in London for different seasons. Tootbus provided an idea of what to wear. You can pack two comfortable skinny jeans, a V-neck and a round top, a light jacket, trainers, and flat sandals. I believe these outfits will complement one another.

I believe this YouTube video will make more sense in selecting the best outfit for the summer in London different summer outfits. I personally would prefer comfortable skinny jeans with a round neck top and trainers.

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