What type of data does social media apps collect?

August 05
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Social media apps like Facebook collect what type of data?

2 Answers:

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There are a lot of different types of data they can collect like purchase history, active hours online, engagement data, and even photos. Collecting these things is meant for marketers to create a personalized experience. This is how Instagram knows what to put on your explore page.

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There are also behavioral data that looks for patterns in a user in order to determine an action like subscriptions and purchases. Engagement data has to do with website visits, most viewed pages, post likes, post shares, post replies, click-through rate, etc. 

Personal data is your name, location, email address, driver’s license, social security, etc. Attitude is related to the emotions and feelings of users. This is collected through conducting surveys, polls, and interviews. Preference data can be related to political affiliation, religious beliefs, and food preferences. It’s described as how the user identifies or supports ideas and content.

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