What's the worst car to crash?

August 05
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What type of car would you not want to crash?

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The US NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) rates the safety of today’s cars, primarily by conducting frontal, side and rollover accidents, as these are by far the most common type of road crashes on the roads today.

The much respected Consumer Reports company has even listed what it considers to be the 10 least cars on safety rating and you will be surprised it includes the prestigious Mercedes-Benz CLA 250.

As for the worst type of car to drive when having an accident, it is anything that is open-topped. Even if fitted with a roll bar, they are significantly more dangerous, especially if the vehicle was to rollover in a crash.

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You will barely find an individual who wishes to crash a car, especially when they spend big on them. So, I would prefer not to crash any car, regardless of the type.

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I'm big on adorable, fast cars, thanks to “Fast and Furious.” For this reason, getting a Lamborghini or Bugatti is high on my wish list. And I definitely would not want to crash any of them when I finally purchase one.

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