When is Tester's day?

September 15
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When is International Tester's day?

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International Tester's day is 9th September! Software testing has improved a lot and is still improving. Currently, there is a huge capacity of resources to perform software testing professionally.

Each year, and also on September 9, ‘Tester’s Day’ was celebrated to mark this famous discovery. Software testing is extremely important to the technology industry and Testers should remember about the beginnings of software testing and celebrate it.

Testers provide an essential service, ensuring that software products meet the required standards and are fit for purpose. Without testers, many software products would be full of bugs and errors, making them unusable. Kudos to the testers!

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The World Tester’s Day is on Sept 9 every year. It’s to commemorate the very first actual bug found inside a computer. On Sept 9, 1947, Grace Hopper, a Harvard Computer Scientist found a moth while testing a Mark II Calculator. Finding an actual bug made Hopper coined the term “debugging” that would later on mean identifying and removing errors not just from computer hardware but also the computer software.

Testers are responsible for making sure a computer system works as designed. Nowadays, there are a lot of different kinds of Testers but all these designations have risen from a single bug. Being a tester has grown to be a pretty huge profession because of all these new technologies. That’s why it’s nice to celebrate Sept 9 for all the testers around the world.

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