When to ask "What are we"

August 05
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When is the right time to ask, "What are we?"

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If you've been dating for a while and things are going well, it's natural to wonder where the relationship is headed. You might be afraid to ask, but if you're feeling ready for a commitment, it's important to have a conversation about your future together. The best time to ask this question is after you've been dating for six months or more when you're both ready to take things to the next level.

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The question of when to ask What we are can be tough. There's no right or wrong answer, but there are some things to consider before you pop the question. First, think about how long you've been dating and how serious the relationship is. If you've only seen each other for a few weeks, it might be too soon to ask such a big question. But if you've been together for a while, it may not be unreasonable to ask what the future holds.

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It's a loaded question and one that can be difficult to answer. There are a few things you should keep in mind before asking your partner this question: 

● Consider the timing. It may be too soon to ask if you've only been dating for a few months. 

● Think about your relationship status. If you're not exclusive, it's probably not the right time to ask. 

● Be prepared for the answer. Your partner may not be ready to define the relationship, and that's OK.

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