Why are Millennials obsessed with adulting?

August 05
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Why are Millennials obsessed with adulting?

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Adulting is a term associated with Millennials. Many of them live in an entitled fantasy land where adulthood is a hobby. Hence, they can choose to play the role of adults if or when they feel like it.

These millennials are obsessed with adulting because of how they were brought up in their homes. Most of their parents protected them from handling the full responsibilities of adulthood even after they turned 18.

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Adulting is a false identity Millennials attached to Adulthood. In this case, they believe that becoming an adult is not an important part of growing up. Instead, it's a hobby you can either choose to partake in or not.

They became this way due to their upbringing, as their parents kept them away from the responsibilities that come with adulthood — even years after they finished college.

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The term "adulting" has become popularized in recent years, particularly among Millennials. It refers to the act of behaving in a responsible and mature way, such as paying bills, cooking meals, or cleaning your living space. But why are Millennials so obsessed with adulting?

Delayed Adulthood

One factor is that Millennials are experiencing a prolonged transition to adulthood. Due to economic challenges, such as high student loan debt and a difficult job market, many Millennials are delaying milestones such as marriage, homeownership, and starting a family. As a result, they are forced to navigate a longer period of emerging adulthood, where they are expected to be independent and self-sufficient.

Social Media Pressure

Another factor is the pressure created by social media. Millennials are the first generation to grow up with social media, which can create a constant stream of comparison to others. This can lead to a sense of inadequacy and a desire to prove oneself as a successful adult.

Desire for Control

Millennials have also grown up in a world that is more uncertain and unpredictable than previous generations. From economic downturns to climate change, there is a sense of instability that can make one feel like they have little control over their lives. By "adulting," Millennials may feel like they are taking control of their lives and creating stability.

Cultural Shift

Finally, there has been a cultural shift towards valuing self-care and wellness. Taking care of oneself, both physically and mentally, is seen as a necessary aspect of adulting. This has led to an increased focus on cooking healthy meals, practicing mindfulness, and creating a peaceful living space.

In conclusion, Millennials are obsessed with adulting for various reasons. It may be due to delayed adulthood, social media pressure, a desire for control, or a cultural shift towards self-care and wellness. Regardless of the reason, adulting can be a positive step towards personal growth and responsibility.

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