Why are strollers so expensive?

August 05
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Why do strollers cost so much?

3 Answers:

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It's not a hidden secret that every parent desires to keep their infants safe. Stroller manufacturers know this and seize the moment. They recognize that parents will pay big bucks for baby strollers to prevent their children from any accident or injury.

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Not all strollers are expensive. Yes, there are cheaper options on the market. However, they fall short in a few aspects, putting them at a disadvantage when compared to the costlier options. 

This is why most parents who want the best for their kids opt for trollers with high-quality features. Since these trollers stand out from the lot and offer what others can't, they don't come cheap.

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Every industry has a few brands that have built a reputation for delivering top-notch products without fail. And the troller industry is no exception.

These renowned brands are the options that catch the eye of most parents. They believe their children are in safe hands with these brands. Hence, they will pay what it's worth to purchase their strollers even when there's a price hike.

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