Why are the Disney TV show finales so bad?

August 05
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Why are Disney TV shows terrible with finales?

2 Answers:

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Disney has just recently been putting out original shows on their streaming platform. A huge bulk of their shows are from Marvel which have predominantly been 2 hour long films. I think they’re still finding their footing when it comes to switching mediums. They’re used to leaving their films open-ended in order to make room for a franchise. It’ll probably take some time for them to figure out a TV formula.

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It depends on your idea of bad and in context to which shows? I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve seen on Disney plus. After coming off the high that was Avengers Endgame, Disney’s decision to start putting out TV shows gave marvel fans something to watch in between major releases. Not everything you watch is going to blow your mind and that doesn’t make it bad. You never know though, what you don’t like now you might enjoy later!

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