Why are there so many single millennials?

September 21
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Why are there so many single millennials?

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There are many reasons why there is a single millennial population boom. Some choose to be single because they don’t feel like they are financially stable. Some are afraid to be with someone because of relationship trauma. Others are focused on their careers while others just don’t simply want that kind of commitment. 

Social media platforms have made meeting people offline almost obsolete. However, meeting people online doesn’t make dating for millennials any easier. Most people you meet doesn’t automatically mean they want a committed relationship. Nowadays, I find that young adults are delaying relationships and marriages because they are pressured to have a good career and a good life because that’s what they see on social media. In order to appear happy, people should see you have a good time on your photos and videos. Being married and having kids aren’t exactly glamorous. So they tend to focus more on having a big shot career and enjoying the perks of it.

But don’t just take my word for it. You can take a look at this statistics from PEW Research to learn more.

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Personally, I feel like the age of the internet has a lot to do with it. Many of us struggle with social anxiety and being in social settings in general. Dating requires a certain degree of vulnerability and most would rather just be single than face rejection or disappointment. Dating apps are so popular because there's no risk involved you can just delete your account or unmatch someone.  

Millennials have also heard the same thing growing up “go to college, get married, and have kids.” This is no longer a lifestyle most people want to adopt. Most of us are children of divorce and have seen the financial struggles our parents dealt with. Why would we put ourselves through that as well? 

According to our current climate, more people are career driven than relationship driven. Around 40% of millennials are single because they want to focus on their career. While 33% say it's due to having low self-esteem. Another factor to consider is that a lot of us know that it's not the end of the world if we're single. Growing up being in a relationship sounded like an end all be all. Your love life doesn't have to take up a huge percentage of your time right now and that's ok. 

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The new generation has a very different set of priorities that most of the old generation doesn’t understand. While the parents want their kids to get married and settle down in their 20’s the millennials have a different path laid out for themselves. They don’t want to be tied down and have a number of arguments and logic to go against it. They don’t want marriage or kids at such an early age and want to take their own sweet time. This is mostly because the new society pushes them to be independent and do well in life and the new gen wants to take it to the next level. They want more from life than their parents did. The millennials have different ideas and opinions regarding relationships and singledom.

Here’s why they prefer being single

  • They are very career-oriented and want to focus on building a life and career before plunging into a relationship that takes so much time and effort. They want to nurture their career before nurturing love and relationship.
  • They don’t want to settle for less. They want more from life than just a relationship and love. 
  • They crave more serious, long-term, and meaningful relationships. They don’t want to jump into something without testing the waters. They prefer taking their own sweet time to be mentally prepared for a serious relationship. Being single is the right way to do it.
  • They want freedom instead of being tied down to one person. They want their own freedom and make choices without having to think about another person. They want their ***ual freedom. They want to explore relationships and *** before being tied down to one person.

The list is endless but it depends on individual millennials on why they choose to be single.

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Millennials, who are currently aged between 25 and 40 years, are often referred to as the "single generation". This is because they are getting married later in life, and a significant number of them are choosing to remain single.

The rise in single millennials has implications for society as a whole, including the economy and healthcare system. For example, with fewer millennials choosing to have children, there may be a decrease in demand for certain products and services geared towards families, such as baby gear and family-friendly activities.

Additionally, with more single people, there may be an increase in demand for housing and services that cater to individuals, such as apartments and co-living spaces. This could also lead to changes in the way communities are designed, with more emphasis on amenities that cater to single people.

However, being single does not necessarily mean being alone or unhappy. Many millennials are embracing the freedom and flexibility that comes with being single, and are finding ways to connect with others and build fulfilling lives without a romantic partner.

There are several reasons why this trend is occurring:

Career Focus: Millennials are a career-driven generation, with many of them prioritizing their education and career over starting a family. They are focused on building their professional lives and achieving financial stability before settling down.

Economic Factors: Economic instability, high student loan debt, and a challenging job market have made it difficult for millennials to achieve financial stability. This can make starting a family or even dating more difficult, leading to a rise in single millennials.

Changing Social Norms: The traditional societal norms around marriage and family have evolved, and millennials are more accepting of alternative lifestyles, including remaining single.

Dating Culture: The rise of online dating and hookup culture has made it easier to meet people, but has also led to more casual relationships and less commitment.

Fear of Divorce: Many millennials grew up in households affected by divorce and are hesitant to get married themselves for fear of repeating their parents' mistakes.

It's important to note that not all millennials are choosing to remain single, and there are many who are in committed relationships or have chosen to start families. However, the trend towards later marriage and more single millennials is a reflection of changing attitudes towards traditional family structures, as well as economic and social factors.

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There are several reasons why there may be more single millennials than in previous generations:

  • Delayed marriage: Millennials are getting married later in life compared to previous generations. This may be due to a variety of factors, including pursuing higher education, establishing careers, and financial considerations.
  • Changing social norms: Society's attitudes towards relationships and marriage have shifted over time, with a greater emphasis on personal fulfilment and independence. Millennials may be less likely to enter into relationships or get married if they feel it doesn't align with their personal goals and values.
  • Digital culture: The rise of social media and dating apps has made it easier to connect with people and explore different types of relationships. However, it may also lead to a culture of casual dating and a reluctance to commit to long-term relationships.
  • Economic factors: The cost of living, particularly housing costs, can make it difficult for millennials to start a family and settle down. This may lead to a delay in getting married and starting a family.

It's important to note that being single is a valid lifestyle choice and not necessarily a negative thing. Everyone's path in life is different, and there's no right or wrong way to live it.

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