Why do millenials love avocado toast?

August 05
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Do Millennials really love avocado toast?

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This is in fact a bit of an urban myth that appeared a few years ago that was meant to help sum up the millennials' obsession with trendy and hip food. The reality is that if you are over 30, you are more likely to actually like avocados than you are if you are someone under the age of 30! So the avocado toast stereotype is not necessarily an accurate one when applied to millennials. FYI  There is a global avocado shortage at the moment (2022) due to bad weather and the rising price of fertilizer due to the war in the Ukraine. If you want to know how to make the perfect avocado toast, head over to Youtube and watch Avocado Toast Recipe or, if you are in need of some, avocado toast inspiration is full of ideas. And if you want to know more about this fascinating fruit (yes, its technically a fruit!) go to this website for avocado facts!

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The Millennials are mostly referred to as the Avocado generation, thanks to their love for Avocado toast. So, yes, they really do love Avocado toast and won't pass on an opportunity to grab a bite.

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The Millennials' love for Avocado toast is unrivaled. Little wonder they are popularly known as the Avocado generation. 

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