Why do some people still deny climate change?

August 05
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Despite scientific consensus, why do some deny climate change?

3 Answers:

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Some people deny the existence of climate change to protect themselves from facing the truth. However, climate change is real.

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A few individuals deny climate change because acknowledging this truth will affect their jobs. For how long can they deny this?

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Yes, indeed, until now there are still people who are not sure about climate change. This could be caused by several factors: (1) they are not yet mature enough to have insight into this matter, (2) they are not too concerned with the phenomena of natural changes that occur, (3) they do not observe closely the changes that occur around them, (4) they live in a country or region where the dynamics of natural phenomena is relatively small or very slow, (5) they doubt the data observed by the researchers, (6) they do not believe that humans can cause climate change, and (7) some of them have interests or avoid certain things as a consequence of climate change.

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