Why doesn't my kid have friends?

August 05
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Why is it that my child has no friends in school?

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This article is written by a professional and discusses 12 reasons children could struggle to make friends and how parents can help them. 

One that stood out to me, since I also struggled with it as a kid (and still do sometimes), is social anxiety. I felt very anxious when meeting and approaching new people. In turn, the children didn't understand this and didn't know how to approach me; they thought I didn't want to speak to them. Parents and teachers can help by connecting with students one-on-one and making them feel heard, accepted, and safe. 

Having children meet other kids in a lowkey setting can help, too. A classroom and a playground can be too hectic and overwhelming; it is often loud and crowded. The article suggests having the student in smaller clubs and groups, where they can meet others – with similar interests – in a calmer setting. Places like library activities and book and writing clubs at school helped me. You can see what clubs your school and community offer. 

I hope the article and my suggestions help. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the article. 

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While it may be hard to hear, it could be due to their behavior. What are their social and emotional skills like when playing with others? Do they share nicely, taking turns? Do they roughhouse or speak rudely? How do they react when they don't get their way? In short, are they someone that other children want to be around? 

There are ways to help your child improve their behavior so that they can have more friends, however. For example, you can practice and roleplay scenarios at home so they know what to expect and do when around other children. (This and more tips are discussed in the linked article). 

You can also speak to your healthcare professionals to see if developmental, social, or mental disorders play a role. 

I want to emphasize that your child struggling to make and keep friends now doesn't mean it will always be that way. Many kids go through that stage. They get the help they need, and before they know it, they have so many playdates scheduled!

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