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August 01
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I am going to a wedding in September and need some suggestions for an appropriate outfit. It is outside in Texas, garden party themed at the botanical gardens.

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The weather in texas will still be relatively warm around September. Silk slip dresses are trendy and great for hot weather. You won't have trouble finding them in most department stores and even online. Since the wedding is in a botanic garden setting that means a lot of grass and rocky roads. I'd make sure I'm wearing shoes that won't sink into the lawn so definitely not any stilettos! 

If you need more inspiration here are some good ideas on what to wear to a garden wedding. 

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For a garden-themed wedding, you're going to need an outfit with breathable material. The south tends to run hot and humid so cotton, linen, and silk will be your best bet! I love looking at outfit inspirations on Pinterest you'll find tons of pins and collections of what to wear to a garden party. Pinterest has a lot of filters and categories so you're more than likely to find something that fits your style. The outfit is only half the look, I'd wear my hair up in a bun or ponytail just so it's out of my face and less likely to fall victim to the humidity. As for makeup, you're going to need a strong primer like the Elf power grip or Milk's hydro grip to keep your face makeup in place! Happy searching! 

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