Work preferences for millenials

August 05
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What are the work preferences of millennials?

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The recent trend seems to be that millennials want to work remotely. An Axios Harris 100 poll shows that 84% of millennials want a flexible, remote-work option. They want to be able to balance home/family life with their work responsibilities. 83% of Americans overall say that the Covid pandemic shows that many jobs can be effectively done remotely, so it seems millennials aren't alone in this desire. With the rise in gas prices, the money saved by not commuting back and forth each day is essential, as well. It is a money and time saver. 

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The Covid pandemic has brought a shift to the work environment. Millennials want to have a flexible work environment, including technological, hybrid, and work-from-home options. They are looking for more of a balance between their personal and work lives than they had before. 

However, they are not looking to work hard – they want to fully apply themselves at jobs that they're passionate about, that give opportunities to be creative, match their values, values diversity, further their futures, value them, and pay well. They want to feel like they belong with a company and that both they and the employer are benefitting equally. 

I found this report to be very interesting, and I think you will, too.

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